【Official】Toba MARUZEN(Toba City)

A pocket-friendly inn with plenty of food, an Ama inn with exciting seaside cuisine"Maruzen”

A warm and modern Japanese inn located in Minamitoba, Osatsu - Osatsu, where a service manager who is an active diver welcomes you. "Yado Maruzen”
An inn where you can enjoy fresh local seafood such as abalone, Ise lobster, and oysters at a reasonable price.
The interior of the facility has a modern Japanese and relaxing atmosphere.The rooms are equipped with passionate furniture and bedding, and are healing spaces where you can spend a comfortable time.
Fill your stomach and enjoy seafood.We look forward to welcoming you.

A dish where you can thoroughly enjoy fresh seafood

  • You can eat a lot of local Osatsu seafood and it's easy on your pocket

    A large service manager who is an active ama diver holds his breath and uses not only abalone, turban shells, and itab caught by holding his breath, but also Japanese Spiny Lobster and rockfish caught by local fishermen to satisfy the hearts and pockets of customers. We are waiting for you with our dishes.You can enjoy super-sized fresh seafood at a reasonable price.


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1484-1 Osatsu Town, Toba City, Mie Prefecture

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1484-1 Osatsu Town, Toba City, Mie Prefecture

Parking available(Free)

Shuttle service available(conditions)
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Relaxing baths from large public baths to private baths

  • A relaxing bath with attention to detail

    The baths are designed with attention to detail so that you can spend a relaxing time alone or with your loved ones.Private baths can be used by families, couples, married couples, parents and children, as well as by yourself.


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